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  • January 20, 2020
  • by bloom
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Bloom Delivery Launches into 2020 With a Roaring New Line of Hemp flower.

It’s the new year and the first day of a new decade! This is traditionally the time for new commitments, new changes, to step into a healthier and happier you. We, here at Bloom, decided this time of fresh new energy was the best time to launch our new company centered around providing you with products and motivation to bloom into your highest potential!

We are launching our company with our first line of products – the best, highest quality hemp flower ever produced! When the 2018 farm bill passed fully legalizing hemp, new low-THC strains of cannabis began being produced and sold legally. You may have seen some of these sold in smoke shops over the past couple of years. While it was exciting to see buds that resembled traditional cannabis being sold legally without any license, most of these buds were, honestly, garbage. They were overpriced, harsh, poor representations of quality cannabis. After a few years of working with some of the best growers in the nation to produce truly top-notch flowers, we are ready to begin launching a new market of completely federally legal cannabis flowers that rival and even surpass the quality of the best cannabis buds.

Not only are our plants similar to medical cannabis in look, smell, feel, etc – research shows they may also provide the same wide range of potential benefits. All Cannabis contains a range of different cannabinoids. Most traditional cannabis is bred to express a high level of THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid, but much of the potential benefits from cannabis comes from other cannabinoids and an “entourage effect,” or synergy between the effects of multiple cannabinoids working together.

We have been working with some of the top growers in the nation to produce fully legal cannabis with specific cannabinoid profiles to help you harness and achieve your full potential! Welcome to Bloom!

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